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Recent Donations by the Friends of Croome...

2022 - £3,275 for repair of important Coade stone statues in the parkland at Croome.

2022 - £2,986 for the purchase of a display case for exhibitions at Croome Court.

2021 £750 to volunteers for seasonal decorations in Croome Court.

2021 £2,050 for further purchase of materials for repair of dry-stone wall next to Rebecca Road.

2021 £2,000 towards the purchase of a large mower for the use of the Croome gardening team.

2020 £14,300 for repair and re-laying of floorboards on the first floor of Croome Court.

2020 £16,000 for fitting out of the Sergeant’s and Orderlies’ Quarters building at Croome.

2020 £7,000 for the creation of a replica bust of one of the Four Seasons statues in the parkland at Croome.

2019 - £11,000 replanting of Beech Grove, originally part of ‘Capability’ Brown’s parkland design, towards the south of West Field on the bend in the river.

2018 - £1,000 to Croome Walled Gardens.

2018 - £2,050 for further purchase of materials for repair of dry-stone wall next to Rebecca Road.

2018 - £6,252 for inclusion of plaque of memorial urn to the 6th Earl of Coventry.

2017 – £2,600 for purchase of materials for the repair of the dry-stone wall alongside Rebecca Road.

November 2016 – £312 for updating of Oral History display boards in Croome Court.

November 2016 – £10,000 to secure the return of two original William Linnell picture frames to Croome.

December 2016 – £7,858 for purchase of special lighting equipment for exhibitions in Croome Court.

February 2017 – £2,855 for purchase of ground-penetrating radar equipment for archaeological surveys at Croome.

October 2016 – £1,938 for publication of the Croome ’Plant Book’.

September 2015 – £2,490 for purchase of Brush Cutter and Hedge Trimmer.

December 2014 – £646 for purchase of off–road wheels for the National Trust Land Rover.

September 2014 – £6,100 towards restoration of the memorial urn to the 6th Earl of Coventry in the Evergreen Shrubbery.

September 2014 – £621 for purchase of cups and saucers for use in the canteens at Croome.

July 2014 – £879 for building and installation of a new cupboard in the second-hand bookshop.

June 2014 – £1,509 for purchase of plants and pots for the Temple Greenhouse.

June 2014 – £200 contribution towards the purchase of a Dust Extractor.

May 2013 – £5,500 for purchase of a forward trailer for use in woodland management at Croome.

March 2013 – donation towards the restoration of the Coventry family crest above the main entrance to Croome Court.

May 2012 – £3,800 for purchase of 100 chairs for use in Croome Court.

March 2012 – £1,995 for purchase of a post rammer for use by the garden and park team.

October 2011 and March 2012 – £2,293 for display boards and stands for the Oral History exhibition in Croome Court.

November 2010 - £435 towards tours of Croome Court.

September 2010 - £1300 towards plants for the Home Shrubbery & Arboretum.

August 2009 - £350 for the purchase of a camcorder to record Croome events.

August 2009 - £750 for a grass cutter/topper for use in the Park.

April 2009 - £350 for a marquee for use during events in the Park.